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As of January 1st 2018 Florida no longer will title or tag a Humvee regardless if it valid from another State. Most States however will accept and transfer a title. 


The State of Florida will provide you with a restricted tag which is used for Military Vehicles. You must contact your local D.M.V. Office to schedule an inspection. As long as the vehicle is in it’s original condition meaning no custom work has been done, you can get this type of tag which allows you to drive to parades, shows, etc.


There are 6.2L and 6.5L engines with 3-speed transmissions available for the Humvee as well as 6.5L and 6.2L with 4-speed transmissions. The primary difference is speed, which is 60-65 mph with the 3-speed and 80-85 mph with the 4-speed. Towing capacities vary from 3,500lbs for the 3-speed and 5,500lbs for the 4-speed.


We believe TURBO will give you the greatest amount of power. The non-turbo 6.5L is not easily upgradable to fit a turbo. There are many components which make this a challenge including a number of parts required, injection pump and the doghouse just to name a few. Sensors can become an issue therefore we simply do not perform this sort of upgrade. Our experience has shown us that the better option is to install a fresh cutout with a 4-speed recently removed from newer models and that have been de-milled.


Most States will not provide a “primary title” for a HUMVEE making the changeover from an off-road to an on road challenging. This is however a fairly straight forward process we employ to guarantee on legal road titling for YOU! We are thoroughly experienced with this process and include this service to you, our customer. We fully understand which states to work with and those who simply do not permit them at all. Some in fact do not require you to be a resident at all to register a vehicle. Once a title is obtained in your name you can then go to your local D.M.V. to get a tag/title. Florida is the exception as this process will not work. We can discuss all processes in detail with you to ensure you that your HUMVEE can be driven on road without any issues. Keep in mind that if your State requires emissions testing which the HUMVEE may not pass as they are exempt from EPA standards and meant for military use only.

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